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Over the past decade, we have expanded our product line to include multiple facets of the Tier I supplier diversity management space.  Our goal is to alleviate the overly complex nature of the industry and simplify your tracking, reporting, and analysis of small and diverse supplier data.

Tier I Supplier Management Platform

The Tier I Supplier Management and Reporting System (DRS Prime) is the most robust Tier I management portal in the industry today.  Our award-winning spend management system provides Tier I suppliers with a streamlined process for internal information gathering, spend tracking, and spend analysis. 

Registration & Event Manager

Connect with current and potential suppliers both online and at conferences with our state of the art Registration portal.  Our system tracks all vendor data and eliminates the need to collect business cards at industry conferences and events.

Data Enrichment

Enrichment your current small and diverse supplier data by matching them with our aggregated list of over 150 sources with more than 1.6 million supplier certifications

Economic Impact

Track your organization’s contribution to the impact on the economy through dollars spent and jobs created with small and diverse businesses. 

Diversity Reporting Solutions

Diversity Reporting Solutions strives to produce the best in supplier diversity professional productivity tools. We are simplifying supplier diversity.

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Diversity Reporting Solutions
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