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Why supplier.io?

supplier.io (SIO) is an MBE that offers supplier diversity data solutions currently used by customers in the retail, education, healthcare, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and automotive industries.  SIO has developed several solutions to help companies clean, enrich and consolidate their supplier data while offering ways to measure supply chain community impact. For this project, SIO will provide the technical solutions needed to handle the Supply Chain Analysis segment and monitor Progress  2020 Commitments.


Why Diversity Reporting Solutions?

Diversity Reporting Solutions (DRS) is an MBE that specializes in IT development, data interpretation, and consulting.  DRS was founded in 2011 to assist corporations in their supplier diversity and small business program management and reporting process.  For this project, DRS will utilize its years of experience providing clients with innovative ways to meet purchasing requirements while growing their spend dollars.


Why Supplierty News?

Supplierty News (SN) is the premier news source for diversity and small business. With a focus on supplier diversity and business related articles and interviews, SN covers a wide range of topics including technology, education, politics, workplace, entertainment, and more.  For this project, SN will spearhead the Research and Analysis segment to develop the reports to be released throughout the next 2 years.



Diversity Reporting Solutions

Diversity Reporting Solutions strives to produce the best in supplier diversity professional productivity tools. We are simplifying supplier diversity.

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