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The DRS Registration web solution is the vendor management system built to house all information concerning small and diverse suppliers.

Ease of Use

Our search engine allows professionals to quickly look up and confirm certifications, locations, contact information, tax id, Duns, NAICS, geographical service area, and more.

Free for Suppliers

Any type of supplier is allowed to register in our portal for free. We ask that vendors fill out as much information as possible to aid supplier diversity professionals in their searching endeavors. 

Store Certificates Online

Customers can now access multiple certifications online without the need of outdated manual mnagement tactics.

Event Manager

Event Manager

The DRS Event Manager eliminates the need to collect business cards at industry conferences and events.

Easy Setup

Easy to use setup where prime suppliers may title and describe their event

Commodity Focused

Vendor Commodities feature allows for users to highlight which products and services they want to focus on during the event. After the event has ended, vendors matching the key commodities will appear highlighted at the top of the vendors met list

Update & Export

Quick and simple vendor registration and update process along with an optional export file of all vendor information after the event.

Register Suppliers On Site

Register in seconds!

If you already have a profile, you can quickly register in any DRS registration portal in seconds by searching for your company name, Tax-ID, or DUNS number.

Automated Emails

Diversity Reporting Solutions

Diversity Reporting Solutions strives to produce the best in supplier diversity professional productivity tools. We are simplifying supplier diversity.

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Diversity Reporting Solutions
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