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Project Management Consulting

Let us assist in improving your current supplier diversity and small business processes through our expertise in supplier diversity best practices, business development, and procurement strategy.


Begin by creating project goals while identifying / managing program risks and developing solutions for customer improvement


We ensure the formation of an efficient process by coordinating project activities throughout the program’s life-cycle. 


Final implementation is key to the establishment of better and long lasting solutions.  We focus on execution that guarantees our customer’s improved process upon project completion

How do we utilize our expertise?
Check out a few examples below

Example 1: Expanding Customer Engagement

Summary:  DRS worked extensively with an organization for the purpose of increasing customer engagement through social media and podcast interviews.  In connecting with the organization, we were able to submit quality content that informed their customer base of opportunities throughout their membership.

Example 2: Implementing Improved Technology

Summary:  DRS coordinated the implementation of an improved technology solution for four large scale corporations based in Michigan.  The objective was to establish a common reporting process for these four organizations despite decades of separate standards.  In only 12 months we were able to develop common criteria, recruit a supplier, and complete testing for the new platform. 

Check out UniTIer for more information

Diversity Reporting Solutions

Diversity Reporting Solutions strives to produce the best in supplier diversity professional productivity tools. We are simplifying supplier diversity.

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Diversity Reporting Solutions
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